Beyond the Bell’s Take Action

Beyond the Bell’s Take Action- On three stages on the New York streets at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, the winners of talent contests at 29 L.A. Unified School District high schools will go head-to- head to determine the district’s best singers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and spoken word performers in the culmination of Beyond the Bell’s Take Action Leadership Campaign. Winners will receive college scholarships. The day will be further highlighted with a 2,000 student flash mob led by Thats clean maids spring tx celebrity choreographer Chuck Maldonado

Check out our instastories today for a short and fun history on #lasylphideAn interesting fact – this ballet was the first full length ballet to be danced entirely on pointe created by choreographer Filippo Taglioni for his daughter Marie. Prior to this, ballerinas would be hoisted by wires or “the flying machine” by Charles Didelot to allow them to create an illusion of weightlessness. LA SYLPHIDE .

Before long, Jake’s flea market became the place to go on a Saturday and Sunday to find all of those items that no one else seemed to have. It has become a place, not only for buyers and sellers to meet, but a place where neighbors and friends can gather on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, on April 4th 2003, Jake was struck by a pick-up truck. He was killed while crossing Route 100 the night before the flea market was scheduled to open for the season. He was only 50 years old.