Diana Vishneva: Pivotal Pointe – documentary trailer

Trailer for upcoming (if succesfully crowdfunded) 90 min documentary film “Diana Vishneva: Pivotal Pointe”. Award-winning filmmaker Buddy Squires captures an intimate, unprecedented view of prima ballerina Diana Vishneva’s remarkable journey.

Unlike other ballet and dance films, Diana Vishneva: Pivotal Pointe focuses its lens not only on the exquisite beauty and masterful technique that this remarkable ballerina brings to each performance, but also on the woman who is the artist – showing the intense focus, driving ambition, relentless discipline and sometimes painful sacrifices her 20+ year long career has required.

A film about a ballerina is not only for balletomanes to savor: thanks to Buddy Squires’ direction and cinematography, a film of artistic integrity and beauty is being created with an unparalleled ballerina as its protagonist.

“Yes, that protagonist is specifically a Russian prima ballerina. But, because of the unique period in her career and life that the film captures, it becomes a more universal story of career achievement, career transition, dramatic change and new chapters. The goal of this film is to inspire the viewer to always stay focused, be ready to make choices and fully embrace change – all elements of Diana Vishneva’s life, career and newest chapter.