Nikolai Tsiskaridze remembers Peter Pestov

In 2009, the Youth America Grand Prix held a gala concert in tribute to Peter Pestov, a legendary teacher whose illustrious students are some of the world?s best dancers and accomplished artistic directors, including Vladimir Malakhov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Yuri Possokhov, Sascha Radetsky, Gennadi Saveliev, Yuri Burlaka and Alexei Ratmansky. Known to many as ?Peter the Great?, Pestov has been referred to as ?one of the most important and influential figures in 21st-century ballet.? Dance Channel TV had the opportunity to interview Nikolai Tsiskaridze, the Bolshoi?s renowned principal and one of Pestov?s favorite students, who was in New York to perform during the tribute. He spoke at length about Pestov?s methodology and his teacher?s role in laying the foundation for his entire artistic life onstage.


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