Olga: A short documentary film.

A mini documentary about Los Angeles based performing artiste Olga Sokolova.

On a chilly, dark morning in 2004, Olga stared out the back window of a taxi bearing her to the airport. Her mother, Irina, stood beneath a flickering streetlight with tears in her eyes, blessing the naive and innocent Olga for the long journey ahead. Olga’s tears flowed freely as she watched her mother fade into the distance. Although it was a cold morning, Irina had stood there like a pillar, her eyes alight with hope, the glow from the flickering street lamp the only spot of warmth against the morning. Irina’s faith instilled in Olga an unbreakable spirit, which proved pivotal for her survival as a performing artist.

Producer and Director: Arjun Kamath

Editor: Faroukh Virani

Director of Photography: Arjun Kamath

Sound Design: Jan Bezouska

Original Music: Sam and Alexis

Special Thanks: Salar Nader