THE DANCER – Caroline Sicard Dance Reel

Caroline Sicard – Non-commercial Supplementary dance reel 2011.
 This is a dance reel I created for my wife Caroline Sicard. She is a professional classically trained dancer. She worked with the National Ballet of Canada, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal, Desrosier Dance Theatre and she was part of the original cast in the Belgium creation who performed till the very end with Celine Dion and Franco Dragone’s ” A New Day” show in Las Vegas. Currently she works for Cirque du Soleil. Many thanks to Miguel Perez and Elia Aymon. Thank you for being amazing dancers and supportive friends.
Original shot concepts, Directed, Shot & Cut: Paolo A. Santos 
. Image property: Paolo A. Santos and Caroline Sicard

. This is strictly for the artists non-commercial usage. Music: Across the Universe. Artist: Jim Sturgess – Version from the film “Across the Universe”.