Dance Channel TV (www.dancechanneltv.com) is an online media network dedicated to promoting, preserving and supporting all forms of dance around the world.  Our mission is to educate our viewers about the art form and to inspire, engage and connect them through the universal language of dance.  To this end, we develop and produce original video programming, covering numerous styles of dance through unique series, news content, interviews, performances, classes, documentaries and much more.

Our mission is to establish a worldwide TV station that will inspire, educate, engage and connect viewers through the universal language of dance. We are here to build a community for dancers, companies and supporters of dance and, by doing so, give back to the world of dance and ensure that the art of dance continues to thrive now and for generations to come.


Founded by former Bolshoi Ballet gradueat, Arsen Serobian, Dance Channel TV is based in Los Angeles, California.  Within the company’s first six months of operations, Arsen was recognized by the Los Angeles Times as one of “2008 Faces to Watch in Dance”. The Los Angeles Times followed up this recognition with a feature profile on Dance Channel TV written by veteran dance critic Lewis Segal.

User Experience

Dance Channel TV is focused on quality and convenience and strives to create the best possible online video experience.
  • Dance Channel TV gives users the ability to customize their viewing experience online.
  • Dance Channel TV allows users to watch favorites or discover new shows anytime — at home or on the road.
  • Dance Channel TV’s search feature helps users find any premium video online even if it is not directly available on dancechanneltv.com.

Dance Channel TV is easy to use and share. Simply go to www.dancechanneltv.com, and click on a video to watch right away.

  • Dance Channel TV does not require a download of any software. Users only need a Flash enabled computer and an Internet connection to enjoy.
  • Dance Channel TV offers the freedom to share full-length episodes via e-mail or embeds on other websites, blogs and social networking pages.

Dance Channel TV is free and legal through an advertising supported model.

  • Videos are available for unlimited streaming; watch favorite shows and clips over and over for free.
  • A modest amount of advertising runs during normal commercial breaks.
  • Dance Channel TV acquires the rights to distribute its videos, making them available to users legally.

Distribution and Video Syndication
With dance education as our core mission, we believe that the Internet and online television make it possible for more people to access information and to learn in new ways. A solid video distribution strategy is essential for digital video publishers, and the best distribution strategies use a video syndication platform to interact with distribution partners. In fact, pairing a smart online video distribution plan with the right content syndication tools may be the best way to monetize video.

Dance Channel TV brings broadcast quality production value to the small screen, and savvy media watchers are recognizing this fact.  Our recent projects include working with MTV and Hip Hop International to feature Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew; shooting a pilot for international satellite network LINK TV, with a view to producing a monthly show.

In the past year, we have covered and worked closely with important industry names, such as American Ballet Theatre, Mariinsky Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Nederlands Dans Theater, Joffrey Ballet, Universal Ballet of Korea, Boris Eifman and Hans Van Manen, Diavolo Dance Company, Dance Umbrella UK, Monsters of Hip Hop, Dutch Jazzart Dance Theater, Los Angeles Ballet, Seoul International Dance Festival, Moiseyev Dance Company, New York’s Career Transition for Dancers and many more.

Dance Channel TV gives advertisers an opportunity to associate their brands with premium online video content and connect with highly engaged consumers.