Dance Competition

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Win an in $100- $1000in scholarship at Dance Channel TV Ballet Academy and a featured video profile on Dance Channel TV!

Serious about dance?
We are looking for talented and serious individuals looking to advance their careers in dance.
With our online competition, Dance Channel TV provides the platform for young dancers who have a passion for what they do.
So get your camera ready and shoot your best 30-second dance choreography piece for your chance to win a $100- $1000 scholarships will be awarded to a chosen few.

Best of Luck and Submit Now!

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How to Submit


Division: Solo  Age: 14-18

STEP 1: Film 30sec of your best Contemporary Dance! (in studio, on the street, or at your own place. Make it look good!)
STEP 2: Upload your routine/s to your very own YouTube Channel. (ask for your parent’s permission and help if under 14)
STEP 3: Select your Age Division and Performance Categories on the Dance Channel TV website form.
STEP 4: Copy and paste the link from your YouTube video into the Dance Channel TV Submit Form website.
STEP 5: Finish off entrant form profile. (must have Parents Permission if under 18yrs old)

Congratulations! Your performance is there for the world to enjoy. Watch and see how you rank around the world.[/vc_cta_button2][/vc_column][/vc_row]