“Arsen Serobian is, by far, the best Vaganova teacher in greater Los Angeles and beyond. He retrains fundamental techniques when they are incorrectly learned or taught.
What is most valuable is that he communicates well in English (and with humor) what ballet dancers need to comprehend when attempting a step or a combination.  He focuses on the art of performing even as he teaches the fundamentals”
“Arsen’s privates are the best dollars I have ever spent on a private.  He accurately diagnoses what each individual ballet student needs to do differently to correct a technical problem
and you see relearning occur right before your eyes.”
“Adult classes at DCTVS are best value for those who really want to learn proper ballet technique.  Arsen teaches with the same detail and passion as he does in his academy classes.
His excellent stretch and strengthening classes — open to adults — uniquely ends on  a meditative note.”