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The Dance Channel TV Studios program provides dancers ages 6-19 with a strong technical foundation and prepares them for a career in dance. Because building these skills takes time and consistency of practice, we ask that Curriculum students commit to the entire nine-month program.
The Level 1Pre provides the foundation of ballet technique. In Levels 1 through 2, students learn basic ballet positions and vocabulary, as well as the structure of a standard ballet class, starting at the floor barre and moving into introductory barre work. Beginning pointe is introduced in Level 2, at the discretion of the Artistic Directors, when a girl’s legs, feet and core are sufficiently strong.

Advancement is based on ability, not age. Some students spend more than two years in one level as their minds and bodies develop and adapt to working in harmony, while others progress more quickly. Once a student has mastered the ballet technique appropriate for a level and is strong enough to accomplish particular movements, she or he will be moved up at the Artistic Directors’ discretion. In this way, each student fully assimilates the necessary layers of knowledge that form the foundation of ballet.

The primary levels are critical in ballet, as they progressively prepare the student for the rigors of performance. For this reason, students must maintain good attendance to advance.

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Tuition varies depending on the length of the semester and when a child begins their class. As a general guideline, classes are $25 per hour. For more information, please visit our Admissions page, or email us at studios@dancechanneltv.com

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Traditional leotards or dance dresses (leos with skirts attached) are acceptable as long as they are the appropriate color for the level. See the table below. Pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required for all Pre-Ballet levels. Hair must always be worn up and away from the face and neck (in a bun, if possible) and securely fastened.

Class: Pre Ballet 1
Color: White
Type Make: Bloch Mirella #207 

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Students must be on time to each class. If tardy, proper ballet etiquette requires standing in the doorway until the teacher invites the child to join the class. Parents and guardians of younger students (under 7 years old) are expected to wait in the lounge area until class is complete. Teachers and staff are not responsible for taking students to the restroom. While parents are not generally allowed into classrooms, on certain occasions, they may visit a class with special permission from the teacher.

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