OurPolicy Handbook



The foremost goal of Dance Channel TV Studios is to prepare dancers from a young age to reach their maximum potential.  Level by level, as students move through the academy’s rigorous system, they are challenged to apply themselves fully in order to fulfill their desired goals in dance.   To this end, academy students are required to take all classes available for their level of training.

DCTVS is designed to be an intentionally small studio to provide the high quality detailed instruction to all enrolled full-time students that cannot be obtained in classes bigger than 16 students.

A quality ballet education requires consistency in training methodology and artistic philosophy.  Dance Channel TV Studios’ ballet curriculum is based on the Russian Vaganova teaching method and is divided into seven levels.  Dancers are placed in levels by ability rather than age, keeping an overall maturation process in mind.  Starting from age 10, each student is given a maximum of two years per level to achieve the development required to advance to the next stage of training.  This added structure will provide clearer goals and assure that each student gets the undivided focus of faculty to ensure their healthy development.  Students not demonstrating sufficient technical ability may be invited to repeat a year of training at the artistic director’s discretion.

Classical ballet is an extremely rigorous and exacting art form.  Therefore, a certain selectivity is necessary in order to provide a challenging and healthy learning environment.  Students are encouraged to fully enjoy their ballet education as well as to perform to their maximum potential.  However, since each dancer has a unique developmental path based on their natural ability, rate of maturation, and temperament, it is important for their health that they not be pushed to achieve any physical goals that may be beyond their reach.

Those who do not progress to the next level will be encouraged to seek fulfillment in other dance styles or physical training.  It is our sincere wish that, by having applied themselves to a demanding training program of the highest standards, they will have gained the confidence to successfully pursue other disciplines or modes of artistic expression.


All classes are conducted in closed studios for the benefit of the students.  Parents may watch students through the glass windows.  However, at the teacher’s discretion, the curtains may be pulled over the windows, prohibiting viewing.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular attendance and the commitment of the student to improve and polish his/her skills and talents.

  1. Students will attend all regularly-scheduled classes unless ill or otherwise unavoidably absent.
  2. Parents/Guardians must notify the school office of a student’s absence by email to  or by phone (818) 979-6461 before 12:00pm on the day of the class.
  3. Attendance is taken daily by the administrative staff.  A permanent record of attendance is kept in the office.
  4. Any student with multiple unexcused and/or excessive absences will be given a notice of probation. Subsequent violations will be reported to the school directors who retain sole discretion to take any action against the student including, but not limited to, dismissal from the school. No refunds are given for cases of dismissal.
  5. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Students who arrive late may be asked by teacher to observe class, take notes, and attend a make-up class. *  
  6. New students must accept a minimum of a 30-day trial period. This trial period enables the student to adjust and comprehend the Vaganova training method and minimizes disruption of curriculum to current students.
  7. Students are not allowed to be concurrently enrolled at other ballet training academies or institutions. This is to ensure the consistency of DCTV Studios’ curriculum and training method for our students.
  8. Enrollment is assumed for the entire academic school year. The school must be informed in writing 30 days prior to withdrawal from the school, and it may result in a $100 cancellation fee. This fee may be waived at the Administrative Director’s discretion.

*Six (6) Make-up classes are allowed for a missed class due to illness. They may be taken in a class one level below the student’s current level. A make-up class must be taken during the first week of attendance upon the student’s return from being absent.


We encourage students to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class starts.

For their safety, children under age 10 should be picked up immediately after class. Students ages 10 and older must be picked up no more than 10 minutes after their class is completed.


Students enrolled at Dance Channel TV Studios must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to the school, the staff, and their peers.

  1. Students must arrive to class on time, prepared, and dressed properly (see Dress Code).  
  2. Students must conduct themselves appropriately while at Dance Channel TV Studios; this includes, but is not limited to, keeping public displays of affection at a minimum, ensuring that the school remains a family-friendly environment, and refraining from posting inappropriate posts or pictures on social media websites while enrolled and representing Dance Channel TV Studios.
  3. Dance Channel TV Studios is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings, such as cell phones, money, accessories, or clothing. Theft will not be tolerated.
  4. Cell phones are not permitted in class and should be kept on silent or vibrate.


We believe that children’s success depends on the support of their parents or guardians. Because your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference, we encourage you to be a part of your child’s dance education. Our programs rely on a positive atmosphere and educational experience for our faculty and students and their parents. Cooperation between all parents is expected. Showing respect—for other parents, the students, and the faculty—makes an important impression on the children. You are a role model for your child about how to interact with others in a professional setting. Your child’s presence at all classes is imperative. The spirit of teamwork and the lesson of dedication are a big part of our school’s educational process. Parents and teachers may look at a child’s learning from different perspectives. However, we believe they share a common goal: to ensure that every child receives the best possible training, both physically and mentally. Mutual respect among our faculty and our students’ parents provides the children with the ultimate care and education.


Use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, and other online social-media vehicles is commonplace. This policy is intended to provide Dance Channel TV Studios, students and parents with guidelines to eliminate any confusion concerning the use of social media.

  • You DO NOT have permission to reveal any information that compromises Dance Channel TV Studios. By that, we mean you are forbidden to share personal information about the director, other students or their families, or anything that is proprietary and/or confidential to them or Dance Channel TV Studios.
  • Students and parents should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on behalf of Dance Channel TV Studios.
  • Never post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of students who attend Dance Channel TV Studios,
  • If you post videos of class or rehearsals, don’t post any choreography in its entirety; Dance Channel, Inc. owns the copyright to all choreography taught at the school.
  • Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright and fair use. As stated in this handbook, parents and students should never post negative comments about other schools or teachers. Also, please do not post negative comments about school activities such as competitions, conventions, and performances, or about the directors of those events.
  • Ensure that your social networking conduct is consistent with all of the policies contained in this handbook.


Parents and students should not enter the office space of the school. Please feel free to communicate through the open window of the office.

  • Use of the school telephone is limited to emergencies only.
  • Parents and students should never interrupt a class in session.
  • Only water is allowed in the studios. No food, drinks, or gum.
  • We love babies and young children and appreciate the chance to meet our students’ siblings. However, our priority is the safety of every child on the school premises. Children must be supervised at all times and are not free to run around the lobby or classroom areas.
  • Please do not dispose of dirty diapers inside the school.
  • No cell phones or computers may be used during class time. (This means no emailing, Internet use, or text messaging.) In the waiting area you are welcome to use your electronic devices.
  • Students and parents are restricted from contacting teachers by phone, email, text messages, etc. All communication with teachers or the director must go through the Dance Channel TV email or office.
  • Never speak negatively about teachers, students, or parents from Dance Channel TV  or other schools.  
  • Never recruit students from other schools.
  • All students must show respect for their teachers at all times. Inappropriate behavior could result in dismissal from the school.


All private lessons must be requested by the student and/or parent online or in person at DCTVS and a staff member will assist with the online reservation. Confirmations will be sent automatically via email.  Students are not permitted to take privates or other ballet classes outside of Dance Channel TV Studios without first getting permission from the Artistic Director.  This is to ensure consistency of our training.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the lesson. Videotaping during private lessons is not allowed.

If you’re not a full-time student (drop-in) you will have to pay choreography fee for any competition or performance on top of your privates.


Holidays are listed in the DCTVS brochure/schedule and are updated on DCTVS website   Please note that students involved in performances may have rehearsals during school breaks.  

Holiday Closures: Notices will be posted or emailed prior to closures. Monthly tuition will not be adjusted, as the accumulated bonus classes will be applied.


There will be two DCTVS  performances and exams each year: in December, and a Spring Showcase in May. The following rules apply to all performance participants:

  1. Students from Level IV through Pre-Professional are required to participate in school performances or exams.  This is considered a part of their education.  However, all attendance and cooperation policies apply to all students participating, regardless of level.
  2. Student will attend all scheduled rehearsals in the school and/or in the location where performances are to be held.

Absences requested must be submitted in writing.  Unexcused absences will not be tolerated, except in the event of an urgent personal emergency.  Failure to be present for rehearsals shall be reason for suspension from the performance.  The school director will evaluate each absence from rehearsal on a case-by-case basis, and will retain the sole discretion to determine whether the student may participate in the performance. No refunds are given for show dismissal.

  1. Parents and students are expected to cooperate in every way to make Dance Channel TV Studios productions polished and professional.  Any misbehavior or conduct during rehearsals or performances deemed inappropriate may be cause for dismissal.
  2. Parents are required to volunteer in some capacity, either in pre-show preparation or in backstage assistance during performances.  They may avoid duties by paying the volunteer buy-out fee.


Each student (and his/her parent or guardian) will be responsible for the additional cost for participating in performances or exams.  Performance fees cover rehearsals, costumes, and additional production expenses.  The additional cost is comprised for the following:

  1. The performance fee.
  2. The volunteer buy-out fee (for those who choose not to volunteer).

Performance fees are non-refundable including in cases of dismissal.


Dance Channel TV Studios holds a summer program for Levels 4, 5, Pre-Professional, and Boys Programs, which the Artistic Director considers a vital part of the year-round ballet training.  If you are full time Academy student please do not attend auditions for other summer programs. Attendance at Dance Channel TV Studios Summer Program is mandatory.


A dress code allows for discipline and professional appearance of our students. Anyone not in the proper dress code may be asked to leave the class.  No jewelry except post earrings will be permitted.  Tights must be worn inside the ballet shoe and have no holes or runs.  No other clothing is permitted, except what is listed below.  If you do not have ballet shoes, you will not be permitted to take class, but you will be required to sit and watch the class.  The dancer must always wear the color for his or her level regardless of the class that they are taking.


All students are required to ensure their dance uniform and dance shoes are always clean.  The studio uniform and shoes are not to be worn outside of the studio or in place of street clothes.  Given the “hands-on” instruction of the classes, and the fact that instructors will be using their hands to adjust body posture or feet positions, it is critical that all parts of the students’ uniforms be unsoiled and fresh.  Additionally, it is each student’s responsibility to use the appropriate anti-perspirant products before attending class.  Please refrain from wearing strong-smelling fragrances, as some students may be allergic to them.

Hair Code for All Levels:

Girls:  Hair should be pulled away from the face and in a neat bun with hairnet. Short hair should be combed back out of the face and pinned if necessary.

Boys:  Hair should be combed back and out of the face.

Dress Code by Level:

Level Pre Ballet: Pink leotard, pink ballet tights, and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.

Level 1: White leotard, navy belt, pink ballet tights, and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.

Level 2: Light Blue leotard, white belt, pink ballet tights, and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.

Level 3 Pre-Professional: Navy blue leotard, white belt, pink ballet tights, and pink leather or canvas Ballet shoes. Black character skirt and Black character shoes with the tan leather soles are required for character class.

Level 4: Pre-Professional: Black leotard, white belt, pink ballet tights, and pink leather or canvas Ballet shoes. Black character skirt and Black character shoes with the tan leather soles are required for character class.

These items can be purchased at the following link or at

The Dance Store 2509 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Boys: White nylon shirt and black nylon footed tights, and black ballet shoes. All boys will be required to purchase a black elastic belt from the link Character or jazz shoes are required for character class.

For character class, a black short wrap-around skirt and character shoes are required.                                                      

Boys:  White nylon shirt and black nylon footed tights, and black ballet shoes.  All boys will be required to purchase a black elastic belt from the school at the start of the year.  Character or jazz shoes are required for character class.


Please note that there is a mandatory video and photo images release form that all students need to sign.


Lounges must be kept quiet at all times for the benefit of those taking or teaching class, as well as for administrative staff working in nearby offices. Men’s and Women’s dressing rooms are available for student use. Women’s dressing room is not available for student use. Men’s dressing rooms are available if the shades are not closed as a Green Room. Please do not use the restrooms as changing areas. The refrigerators are for staff and faculty use only; students may use ice as needed for injuries.

Dance Channel TV Studios is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Valuables should not be left unsecured in the dressing rooms. Please be respectful of everyone’s belongings. People disturbing the property of others risk being expelled from Dance Channel TV Studios. The lost & found is located in each dressing room. Items are kept for a maximum of six weeks.


Dance Channel TV Studios needs volunteers at various times during the school year. Often the events for which volunteers are needed are student related. Please be generous with your time to help with these important events.


Fall/Spring Season tuition and fees  must be paid via auto payment (Visa or MC) through your online dance account. A debit/credit card must be on file. Upon registration, you grant permission to charge the card on file for monthly tuition installments on the 5th of each month  fees as they become due. However, if you wish to pay by cash or check, payment must be submitted before the 5th of the month. Tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable


Tuition is due prior to the start of the semester by date on invoice.  Payment can be made either by check or credit card.  Use of credit card for payment will incur a 3.25% credit card processing fee.  Late payments will result in a $20 per week surcharge.  Tuition does not include performance fees, which are paid separately. There are no tuition refunds for school withdrawal or missed classes.

  1. Payment Plan

The payment plan must be established before the start of the academic year. All payment plans require a credit card on file even if you pay by check. Absolutely no exceptions will be made to this policy.

Payments are due on the first of each month or pre-arranged installment date.  If a payment has not been received by the 5th of each month, it will result in a $20 per week late charge and the credit card on file will be charged.  For credit card transactions, a 3.25% charge will be added to each payment.  There is a $20 fee for declined or expired cards if not remedied by the 10th of the month.  It is the family’s responsibility to keep the card on file current and updated.

  1. Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis and based on need and ability.  A student who is receiving financial aid must strictly adhere to the attendance policy or they will forfeit their financial aid.

Families that are recipients of financial aid will be required to volunteer with Dance Channel TV Studios Crowd Funding, annual fundraisers, and DCTVS events.  Information will be provided as events approach.  Financial aid and scholarships do not apply to the DCTVS Summer Program.  

  1. Prorating

Tuition proration is only applied to new students entering in the middle of the academic year.  Prorating does not apply to the Summer Program.

  1. Non-Payment of Tuition

Dance Channel TV Studios, at its discretion, may dismiss any student in cases of non-payment.  No student will be allowed to participate in a performance if his/her tuition is overdue.

  1. Withdrawals & Refunds

We hate to see you go, but understand sometimes withdrawals are necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Please complete a withdrawal form in person during office hours no later than 30 days prior to your scheduled withdrawal. Tuition will continue to accrue until this form is submitted and signed by both the parent/guardian and a representative of DCTVS.

The registration fee, tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Student credit, valid for one year, is given for any tuition credit you may have at time of withdrawal.

Refunds or credits will not be given for late arrivals, early departures, or classes missed due to illness, injury, or outside activities.


Students and parents are expected at all times to maintain decorum that is respectful to the school, its staff, and its policies.  Dance Channel TV Studios reserves the right to dismiss or refuse business to anyone not adhering to this policy.  A signed liability waiver as well as an acknowledgement of having read and understood all the details in this Policy Handbook must be on file before the start of each school year.  Please be sure to initial at the top of each page of the handbook where required to indicate that both student and parents have read, understood, and agreed to each page of DCTVS policies, rules and regulations.

I have read carefully, fully understood and will adhere to the regulations and policies in the 2017-2018 DCTVS Student and Parent Policy Handbook.