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Where do I park?

Parking is FREE to all our student and customers. Parking is located behind the structure with the Verizon and Menchies.”Plaza De Oro”

Are private lessons offered?

Yes, private lessons are available to enrolled full-time students. At a discounted price. Book at Parent Portal or please contact for more information.

Are there any other expenses not indicated on the Class Price list?

DCTV charges $35 for each registration. A $45 installment fee is added to those paying tuition using our installment plan. Class uniforms are an additional cost, as are shoes and other dance accessories. There are also additional fees associated with participation in performances, the Summer/Winter Intensive program, and private lessons.

Where can I buy ballet shoes and leotards?

Dancewear can be purchased at any store providing it meets our class uniform requirements. A link has been preset to order the correct items

or they can be purchased in person at:

The Dance Store
2509 S Robertson Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Mention- Dance Channel TV Studios and your level and they will be able to assist you with the proper attire.

What should my child wear to class?

Please review the Class page for your child’s level uniform information and what we consider proper dance attire.

What is Dance Channel TV? Is that a part of DCTVBA?

Dance Channel TV is the organization which owns and operates the actual studio. Dance Channel TV Ballet Academy is directly connected to the internet-based Dance Channel TV Network, which provides educational content, human interest stories, interviews, and exclusive dance programming.

How many students are in a class?

Classes will vary depending on the level. Our pre-ballet classes, for example, do not exceed 14 students. For upper-level classes, however, the average is 12 students.

May I bring my child to a class occasionally and just pay for individual classes?

Students must be registered for classes for an entire semester and tuition will be calculated as such. We do this because we strongly believe that practicing ballet routinely is the only way to gain benefit from it.  DCTVB does not offer “drop-in” classes for Pro Ballet Program.


How much do classes cost?

DCTVBA operates similarly to an academic school in that families pay for a full semester of classes. Specific tuition amount will depend on your child’s level, the number of classes they register for in a week, and how long the semester lasts. Spring is the longest semester, so it will always cost more than Fall or Summer semesters. DCTVBA classes start at $25 per hour.

How do I register my child for classes?

After your child has taken a placement class and a level has been determined by one of our teachers, you may register online at your convenience. If you have trouble registering for a class, you may contact our office during regular office hours for assistance at (818) 990-0209

How does DCTVBA determine which class level my child should take?

Teachers will observe new students in a placement class. Based on technique, coordination, and maturity level, the teacher will recommend an appropriate level. Please know that often students are expected to spend at least one to two years in a particular level before moving up to the next. Level advancements happen once a year, at the end of each spring semester.

At what age can my child begin taking classes at DCTVBA?

Students must be at least 4 years old to enroll in our Pre Ballet Creative Movement class. Otherwise, we welcome children of all ages