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With combined 80+ years of experience education in classical ballet guided by the Vaganova Method, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and artistic development - The Academy challenges students to reach their highest potential and enrich their lives through dance.



Nestled in the vibrant heart of Northern California, The World Academy of Ballet stands as the region’s most esteemed professional ballet and performing arts center. Our foundation is steeped in tradition and artistry, as we proudly uphold the time-honored Vaganova Method and its core training principles.

At The World Academy of Ballet, we are dedicated to providing an unmatched educational experience in the realm of classical ballet, dance, fitness, and musical theater. Our commitment to excellence and passion for the performing arts is evident in every facet of our institution.

Classical Ballet: Our core focus is classical ballet, where the grace and precision of this art form are imparted to students of all ages and levels. Our faculty comprises world-class instructors who bring their wealth of experience and expertise to every class. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dancer, we offer tailored instruction to help you master the art of ballet.

Dance: In addition to classical ballet, our curriculum spans a diverse range of dance styles. From contemporary to jazz and everything in between, we nurture the versatility and creativity of our students, equipping them to excel in a variety of dance disciplines.

Fitness: Recognizing the importance of physical conditioning in dance, our academy places a strong emphasis on fitness training. We provide specialized programs to enhance strength, flexibility, and endurance, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the rigorous demands of the stage.

Musical Theater: The world of musical theater comes alive at The Grand Academy of Ballet. Our instructors guide aspiring musical theater performers in honing their singing, acting, and dancing skills, empowering them to excel in this dynamic and multifaceted art form.

Our commitment to fostering the next generation of performers is unwavering. Whether you dream of gracing the stages of prestigious theaters, pursuing a professional career in dance, or simply exploring the joy of movement and artistic expression, our academy provides a nurturing environment that encourages growth and accomplishment.

Experience the pinnacle of arts education in Southern California. Join us at The Grand Academy of Ballet, where the legacy of the Vaganova Method and a dedication to excellence converge to shape the artists of tomorrow.

Our Opportunity

Preparation + opportunity = success with confidence
  • Professional-quality performances multiple times a year
  • Career guidance, mentorship, and professional connections
  • Promotion and marking with media partner Dance Channel TV
  • Cultural immersions (the most noteworthy being at Bolshoi Academy, home of the Vaganova method)

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